Saturday, November 1, 2008

{Dinner For Four} Halloween 08

We had a quieter Halloween Night this year, having a newborn on our hands and all and decided to make it an easy holiday by inviting just one other couple over who have a darling little 5- monther. As we ate, we rocked our babies together, soothed the babes, played with the babies, traded babies for a minute, and talked all about life with a newborn. It ended up being a perfect night and here's a look at the food we served. It was easy to throw together, fun, and GROSS!!! Ewww!!!
Used cookie cutters to make Halloween-shaped tortilla chips as a garnish for all the dips we had. We had shredded BBQ chicken with melted provolone cheese on top of french baguettes.
These are SUPPOSED to be monster mouths with the candy corn as teeth. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out as cool as I'd thought. Na ya.

Blood Clot Brew!! Thank you, Emily Parry for the idea behind this! My brew was a mixture of cranberry and orange juice with some ginger ale mixed in. To top it off, I threw frozen raspberries inside for the "blood clots"...

Each glass had a tiny spider on its rim. Don't fret- wasn't real.

A side view of all our dips.

You get the idea...

Graveyard cake..
The Menu a la Halloween mode:
BBQ Chx: Witch's Hearts
French Bread Baguettes: Frankenstein's Limbs
Black Bean Dip: Dracula's Brains
Grapes: Witch's Eyeballs
Celery n Carrots: Scarecrow's Bones n Things
Heirloom Grape Tomatoes: Bat's Hearts
Chocolate Covered Soybeans: Chocolate Covered Boogers
Salsa: Dracula's Blood
Hotdogs Wrapped in Bread Dough: Mummy's Fingers
Guacamole: Goblin's Guts
Chips: Dried Flesh Bits
Dill and Cucumber Dip: Rabid Dog's Froth
Cranberry Drink: Blood Clot Brew
Water: Fresh Saliva
Until Next Year, Happy Halloween!
Thanksgiving is up next!


Emily said...

Kate how fun!!! It looks like you had a great halloween!!! Your Henry is adorable!!! How fun!

Let the Good Times Roll said...

Are you kidding me? You are amazing. My mouth is watering! So, will you PLEASE email me the cucumber and dill dip and the black bean dip - I want to go and make it, yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think you have posted the recipes for those have you?

Kate said...

emily, my sweet dear. I just realized that I called you by your maiden name. ERRRRRRRRRRR!!!! Ich bin ein doffes madchen.. tut mir sehr leid, madel! LEt's be honest, shall we? You will forever be sister parry in my heart! (i know your married name is Leichty, for the record:))

Kristine said...

what a blast! looks yummy...and spooky!

Maria said...

Looks like a fun meal!

Wservir said...
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