Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Goat Cheese Platter

What I did...

1. Take a 10-oz log of goat cheese.....
2. Crush 1-2 cups of pistashio's or pumpkin seeds ( I did the latter- they were cheaper) and roll the log in the crushed nuts. Roll covered goat cheese log up in wax paper and refrigerate for an hour.
3. Cut up Granny Smith apples, wash radishes, arrange crackers, nuts etc on a large silver platter lined with doily and serve with log in the middle. Enjoy!

PS DO NOT serve Belgian endive with goat cheese as I did (shown in photograph)- it's far too bitter. (Endive is delicious however, if a combination of blue cheese, chopped red apple, and candied walnuts are tucked in its leaf, eaten all in one bite!)

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Kathy/mom said...

This was a beautiful and different type of vegie platter. It really helps to have a daughter who likes to cook and experiment when you're having a party.