Monday, May 18, 2009

On Today's Plate: Fabric Crafts: Minimal Sewing

Tell me about it: I have some nerve to divert from recipes when this is afterall, strictly a FOOD blog. However, I've had a few down-to-business craft days in recent months and instead of food recipes, today's feature will be fabric recipes, if you will. If you have any questions, email= kecmiller(at)gmail(dot)com.

Craft 1. Covered Letters

a). {History/Origin} I wanted something colorful, bright, and homemade for Henry's name in his room. But I also knew it couldn't be too complicated or confusing for my gentle craft mind. These were found in a baby's craft book given to me by my S.I.L for xmas. Once I returned to Philly from SLC in Jan, I got serious, rolled up my sweater sleeves, and knocked these out.
b). In a nutshell, the materials you need for this project are as follows:

Paper Mache letters, found at Michaels
Half a foot of fabric for each letter
Fabric gluestick
Rotary cutter and board (not mandatory, but helpful)
Fabric marker
Non clumsy hands

Please email me if you'd like the instructions. It's a bit lengthy:).

Craft Two: Stuffed Birdies

a).{History/Origin}My favorite little fabric store here in Philadelphia has made itself famous with this easy little project. Last summer as I walked and walked and walked and walked, trying to spark some sort of labor in my womb, my eyes stumbled across this beautiful two-tiered mobile thing in a window display, with bright- stuffed-fabric birdies all over it. That lured my drool-filled mouth and self INTO the store, getting me hooked to their meager but fine selection of vintagey and trendy fabrics, as well as their fun patterns, some of which, are free! woohoo! and are found online. Bring your mouse cursor over to here if you would like to check out this particular pattern.

b). {Use}When I made these last summer/fall, I had originally planned on using them in a mobile fashion for Henry's crib, as I'd spotted in the window display. Pathetically, it just never happened or came into existence, so I've utilized the birdies in other ways in his nursery (they're a t tad girly, but he'll never know, right?) My husband and his otherwise dear and compassionate heart, has been known to tease me about becoming a bird lady and finds these little creations somewhat comical/ridiculous, so every now and again, I might leave one or two perched on my husband's pillow at night. Thus, the birdies have multi functions.

Huddle birds, huddle!

Aren't their bellies cute and yet, I hate to post this picture because it reminds me of seeing dead birdies in the road, but for show and tell's sake, they had to be positioned in this fashion.


The Lambs said...

Whoah Katie!!!! Can I hire you to make some for me? I love those letters! I am so impressed but not surprised at your talents and gifts! Henry is a cute little chunk a love.

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