Saturday, August 8, 2009


Most of us could claim having eaten some form, some variation of a salad like this... involving the bean, corn, cilantro, peppers, tomatoes, etc. It reminds me of my mom, who could do this with her eyes closed she's made it so many times..... it reminds me of the cabin on hot 4rth of July days, it reminds me of sprinklers, slip n slides, and days spent in the sun...

Now it reminds me of what fire in my eyeball feels like. Sorry for the unpleasant description, but I think my eyeball is still recovering from the story below..

I don't know if its age or an increase in palate audacity, but I sure love heat with my food and upon two requests from my husband and myself,
we added an entire jalapeno to the salad mix (see what I mean by audacity?), somewhat seeded, and as one can imagine, the salad had a lot more zip to it than what I'm used to. Quite soon after the whole thing was thrown together, and without remembering that I recently handled an entire jalapeno, seeds and all, my handling index finger thoughtlessly went directly into my eyeball (it was an eye itch darn thing), and within seconds, it started burning like lava for a good half hour.. at least... Nothing has made me want to cry like a little girl more, but we had guests over that night and I tried to buck up my courage..... Anyways, the moral to this recipe is, when handling a jalapeno, please, please, for me, for you, for those eating your food, avoid rubbing your eyes and promptly wash your hands about 8 times to get the oils off.

That's all. Enjoy the recipe.

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