Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Corsage J Crew Tee

Check out my funky new shirt that cost me a mere half an hour! Copied from a recent J Crew item that ran for 30 bucks, you can find the how-to-recreate-it here.

Oh, and many thanks to my friend, Amanda, for the referral to this blog. Changed my t-shirt life.

Seriously, this was better than baking chocolate cupcakes or warm goat cheese.... I love a good, short, and no-brainer craft, especially when you can use things you already HAVE on hand and don't have to make a 2nd trip to Michaels, only to spend more money! BAHHH! Weakness.

Anyway, I'm thinking of adding some more hearts to my t-shirt for a more "full" look, as seen in the Jcrew catalog... Heck, I just might go corsage all the sad and frumpy shirts in my closet!