Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Take that, Knitting!

I really love embarking on a craft, but usually time and money are two main sources of opposition, and so, this little gem is both snappy and cheap, especially if you already have some yarn on hand. Which I did-- it's poop color, but now that I know I can handle this craft, I'll go out and splurge on some more "scarf" like yarn.

I mean, it's okay how it turned out-- the choice of BULKY blue yarn used on Martha's website is perfect. Kinda has the "wool/sheep-skin" look to it. The yarn I had sitting around was thicker than normal, but was not at all bulky or puffy. It kinda sags..

However, I've never enjoyed tying a plethora of square knots so much in my entire life. Loved this craft, and I'm going to proudly sport my poop colored, saggy scarf around town.

Here's the link.... and I hope you have scarf weather wherever you are- as for Philly, it's been a tad too warm.

Ciao mates!

1 comment:

Bryce and Heidi said...

Oh Martha... Your craftiness is obnoxious, yet mesmerizing! And I will certainly be making one of your scarves, for I cannot knit...