Monday, November 22, 2010

The Menu!

{Our Hawaiian Turkey, 2009}

Gratitude Turkey day is just about here! What are your plans? Two pieces of pie or just dinner? Turkey this year or pork? Succotash or squash?

Well, even though I am not the 2010 Thanksgiving head honcho chef, I still enjoy much perusal in terms of finding delicious recipes for the big day. For me personally, I think a Thanksgiving meal should maintain at least a few sure, traditional, meaningful recipes because they hold memories and significance and may even remind us of a wonderful person. On the other hand, I am all for introducing a few new recipes to the smorgasbord of Thanksgiving options every year. Below are links to Thanksgiving Recipes found all over the web: of course, most I won't be able to test out this year, but perhaps a few, AND, hopefully this helps spur some inspiration if you're assigned to bringing side dish A and dessert B. Again, I cannot be held accountable or in approbation for any of these since well, they are not mine, nor have I ever tested them out.

Wishing you a fabulous Thanksgiving this week with lots of gratitude and thankfulness and plenty of gluttonous eating:)

Turkey, Stuffing, and Rolls

Soup and Salad

Side Dishes

The Best Part: DESSERT!

Pumpkin Roulade with Ginger Buttercream

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