Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cake Bites

Who was the brilliant master mind who took crumbled baked cake and a tub of frosting, combined it, and then rolled it up into balls? Is it YOU? Because I'd love to seriously hug the life out of this genius who created it. The best part, for me at least, is that the combinations are practically endless. The last few days my stomach and mind have teamed up to come up with some in-the-near-future- concoctions: I'm envisioning red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting with dark chocolate drizzles, chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting and white chocolate drizzles, and I won't bore you any further.

Valentines Day may have been created for lovers, I concur, but it was definitely created for those with hefty sweet tooths (not quite a word, I know!) as well. I hope to experiment this next week with a few other "love" appropriate sweets that would be fitting for that one special apple of your eye.

XOXO- Ciao.

Cake Bites {the LOVE version}

1 box strawberry cake mix (yes, it exists)-OR any flavor of your desire
1 tub (16 ounces) of vanilla frosting- ""
Melted chocolate (I used white, and dyed it pinkish for full love effect)

Make AND bake the cake according to package directions, baking it in a 9 x 13 pan. Remove from the oven when it's finished and allow to cool for 10 minutes in the pan and then remove and allow to cool completely on a wire rack.

Once the cake is cool, crumble it into a large bowl. With your room-temperature frosting, begin spooning it into the crumbles and incorporate the two until the frosting is all gone and your cake mixture is "sticky".

Roll into balls (it is a little messy and goopy for your hands, warn you)... and place between sheets of wax in some large piece of tupperware. Stick in the freezer for 4-8 hours, until it's pretty darn frozen. At this point, it may be easier to roll them again into smoother balls if you had a difficult time before, like I did..... and at this point as well, you can either dip them in melted chocolate* or drizzle melted chocolate over them, or BOTH.

Keep in freezer until your ready to serve them (I suppose alternatively, you can store them in the fridge, but I wouldn't recommend keeping them at room temp).

*I highly recommend adding a little canola oil to the chocolate you decide to melt- AND use a double broiler. Those two tips will make a big difference in the melted chocolate's success and texture!

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Camilla said...

I will be doing a version of these soon on the blog.