Friday, July 22, 2011

Avocado Tofu Smoothie

Despite the fact that nearly 80% of what I post deals entirely with either sugar, butter or both, inside the scenes I really do strive to eat healthily and to stretch that habit into my husband and children. More than just looking good, feeling good is one of my top priorities- I figure if I am feeling top notch, than my children get a mom who is patient and fun, and my husband gets a woman who is confident, energetic, and has enough love to share around. That is why I want to feel good.

I really like "weird" food. Well, maybe not "weird" per se, but earthy foods: lentil anything, bean-anything, lots of kale, lots of swiss chard, roasted veggies, garlic mixed with oil for salads instead of all those scary bottles found in the store. I am not must-eat-it-directly-from-the-chemical-free-soil, but you get my drift.
... which, this kind of fondness can translate into some interesting and slightly unintuitive concoctions- this smoothie for instance, while it's oddly refreshing, was also seriously not innate for me to just gulp down like a slurpee. I felt awfully "green" (no pun intended) for doing so and my 1 year old drank it like a solider in the desert, but oohhh..... this may be taking the superfoods too far into extremes. Not sure if this will be my staple morning go-to. It's fine, not fabulous.

But if you are a lover of tofu, avocado, spinach, and pear juice all together, then all my best to ya!!!! Someone out there has to like this!

Avocado Tofu Smoothie

{Superfoods Cookbook}

1 ripe avocado, skinned and pitted

½ cup of silken tofu (make sure it’s the silken type)

1 handful of baby spinach

1 cup organic pear juice

1-2 Tbsp of honey

1 big handful of ice

Mix the above ingredients together until completely smooth. Serve immediately.

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