Saturday, July 2, 2011

Throwing some Pizaaz into your Patriotism

{picture of a beautifully charming red brick row home in Philly, proudly waving the American flag, July 4rth, 2010}

Happy (almost) Fourth of July-very close to being a very top favorite holiday- how can you not feel anything but complete affection and love for it? Summer is in full swing, the air is warm (perhaps a bit too much?), children are playing outside and squealing with delight all over the place, the sun stays out until my bedtime, pools are open, people are giving their grills a mighty good work out, and having a shirt stained with watermelon drips and teeth chock full of corn on the cob remnants is socially acceptable. I love it. Oh, did I mention fireworks? Those sparklers that are so exciting at first and then nearly burn off your fingers?? Red-white-blue? Neighborhood breakfasts? Cabin?? All of that too. Equally loved.

The 4rth of July really has snuck up on me this year, darn thing. I hope next year my brain isn't so cramped with other busy to-do's so that I can throw parties and plan to bake more 4rth of July goodies for neighbors and friends. Tomorrow night for dessert I shall attempt the flag cake found in Ina Garten's Family Style Cookbook- blueberries as stars, raspberries as stripes, and a whole heckuvolat of frosting and cake in the middle. Yum. You note I said, "attempt". Yes, that is the perfect verb for my undertaking.

If you still have time, here are some other 4rth of July ideas that I love and have found successful/ or hope to find successful in the future!

Happy Freedom Day to you!

6. Skewers and other food ideas (lovin' this whole party quite frankly)
9.Vanilla-Raspberry Sundaes(this makes me drool uncontrollably it you needed that tmi)

10. Fireworks and Sand Centerpiece ( We have something very similar on our kitchen table right now and I am loving loving it)

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