Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Brown Butter Peaches over Ice Cream

Please excuse all the instagram pictures. Our main source of photo taking has been in and out of commission and in emergency cases, I use my husband's phone. Instagram is so fun.

I am mentally still stuck in summer. It may take Christmas bells and "ho-ho-ho's" to shake me out of it. For the first time in so so so many moons, I am surprisingly not ready to say goodbye to flip flops, popsicles, shorts, hot summer afternoons, and the pool in exchange for scarves, cooler temps, and beautiful fall leaves. Odd isn't it? After roasting all summer in the heat, most folks seem ready to adios it all for the more pleasant side of a muted autumn.

This dish will keep me in August forever. Peaches drenched in butter and brown sugar, all while being slowly heated in a skillet for 30 minutes. The result? Go get thee some peaches and try this immediately to find out. Why are you still sitting there? Haste!

Sweetly heated soft peaches oozing out sugar and butter on top of vanilla ice cream for a clue.

Brown Butter Peaches over Ice Cream

1 lb of ripe peaches (3-4 medium), washed and sliced-skins on

1/2 stick of butter (1/4 cup), room temperature

1/2 cup – ¾ cup brown sugar (just depends on how sweet you wish)

In a large skillet, combine peaches, butter, and sugar. Cook over low heat, stirring every so often. Finally, when the sugar is dissolved and the butter has cooked the peaches just so that they are soft enough, then they are ready (this may take up to twenty minutes at least). Serve warm on vanilla ice cream.

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