Thursday, December 8, 2011

Grapefruit in the Oven

Broiled grapefruit.

A little cinnamon.
Little brown sugar.
Some butter.

All mixed together and spread over each surface. Broil on high until it's like this.

Who would've thought? It's really not bad at all. And I found out that I like it fresh but I like it broiled as well.

However it's served up, let us be thankful it is citrus season. Especially for these ruby red babies.

Yes, please.


Annie P said...

This killed me. When I first saw the title of the post, I thought you were announcing something. Like a baby? So funny.

katie m said...

Ha ha!!!! Well, in the future, if it were a baby announcement, I might use something like "embroyo in the oven". You know, something ultra classy!:))

I am just not a huge fan of mixing food and fetus's. Feti (plural?)