Thursday, May 20, 2010

Appetizer and Smoothie

I know I know. I must be really desperate to be blogging a cracker and cheese combination; hope to get my sleeves up this weekend and pound out some new recipes. But I've been zombie woman this week with absolutely no reserves of extra energy for anything else besides toddler and cleaning. The end of this pregnancy must be near because the waddling stage has officially begun.

Anywho. Two recipes to tell you about.

First, the picture.

Completely not in the mood for any major production earlier today, my lunch consisted of three ingredients: goat cheese, Trader Joe's Multi-Grain Crackers, and heirloom cherry-size tomatoes.

... aaaaannnnd a sprinkling of freshly ground black pepper to cover it all...

Simple pleasures really do bring the most satisfaction sometimes, and if I could even recall the number of these I ate, well, it'd be embarrassing to publish. Needless to say, it was a fabulous little appetizer/lunch. One I would even serve at a party. Easy, pretty, delish.. done.

Okay, recipe number two.

With my parents here over the weekend, my mom introduced me to a new morning smoothie, at which I nearly shuttered with disgust at the sound of, but first, the approximate ingredients, and second, my explanation on being pleasantly surprised.

Green Smoothie

1 cup Greek yogurt
1 big handful fresh spinach
1 cup frozen blueberries
Pinch of sugar (or in my case, quite a few pinches)
1 ripe banana (optional)

Blend together until smooth and bright purple.

Apparently, there is a "green smoothie" guru that is making a hot splash in Utah right now with her recipes like this one, and everyone is riding her wave!
I have to tell you- skepticism escaped the minute I took a sip- the spinach is hardly detectable and if you can forget that it actually made its way into blender, you'll barely be able to taste it at all. Trust me, my toddler drank an entire cup yesterday.

Consequently, he's had a series of scary diapers all day so take it from me that should you give it your little ones ( I think the diaps are worth their getting some spinach!) take heed that you may want to start out with SMALL portions and build up gradually...

It was kind of nice to think that already by 8 am, I had one huge serving of veggies in my system! Booyah, I guess.

Oh, and kale can also be added in place of spinach.

That's all for now. Ta ta.

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