Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Peeps and Blossoms

My blogging-related laziness has really gotten the better of me. Especially tonight, so you will really have to forgive me for both that and my sentimentality!

But. With the recent surge of felicity and complete bliss over this wonderfully new season, I couldn't resist posting this image of one of our neighboring streets when we lived in Philly during the springtime. How unreal is this?? And nothing about the photo has been 'photoshoped' or color-enhanced. That is a point shooter with an amateur photographer behind it and boom: heavenly blossoms parading a street and drowning out everything out into charades of pink. This picture makes me happy. And I love it. I love Philly; I would live there a hundred times over again. I love back east in the springtime and in the fall time, but not so much the summer; humidity there is like putting me in a suffocating sweaty bag. This year, I'm surprisingly surprised and happy by how many white and pink blossoming trees are blooming right here in my neighborhood in ol' Utah. Last year we were covered in snow practically through May, so I'm not sure if I recalled those fragrant spring-time trees budding. Anyway, you're rambling, Kate. I know. Done about that.

Additionally, I am halfway dunking peeps (marshmallow inflated candy) into melted chocolate tomorrow and then topping the chocolate with sprinkles. Two years ago, I made these chocolate-covered nest eggs shown below (chow mein noodles worked marvelously) and we loved them. Festive, easy, cute, and not-shockingly satisfying for a dessert. We may give them a second go again this year, but for now, it'll be peeps semi-covered in various forms of chocolate.

Because after all, there are two kinds of people in this world: those who like Peeps, and those who do not.

Shame on the latter.


I'll still like you.

Happy Easter Week!

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