Saturday, July 30, 2011

Vive Homemade Ice Cream!!!

{photo by janem}

Dear recipe blog,
I am sorry for being so negligent in updating you regularly. My brain has been in other places. Please forgive me. I hereby commit to updating you at least 2-3 times a week- that is a sincere, electronic pinky swear.

In the mean time, it's ice cream season. Are you eating your fair share of homemade ice cream? The loud roaring sound it makes as it freezes its contents is like Vivaldi to my ears- homemade ice cream gives my summer life zing and joy.

Procure for yourself an ice cream machine- it is so worth it. We use ours year round but in high summer months like now, it gets the sha-daieses kicked out of it. I've garnered a decent amount of ice cream recipes that I'd like to share with you- later today we are making a sour cream strawberry ice cream which, really, might make my heart stop just at the thought. Yum.

Enjoy the rest of summer with these especial recipes.
As Julia Child once said, "If you're scared of butter, use cream!"

I believe in cream- the heavy stuff. The naughty stuff. The good stuff. It makes the ice creams decadently memorable.

Ta ta.

1. Buttermilk ice cream: very creamy and rich, unexpected, and unique.
2. Lime ice cream: uber-refreshing, and perfect balances of tart and sweet.
3. Coconut frozen yogurt: different, unpredictable, and an instant mind trip to Huh-why-ee!
4. Kiwi sorbet: completely unexpected, extremely refreshing and tart, yet sweet enough to satisfy and is even kind of "healthy" in an, I-don't-feel-guilty-for-one-second-eating-this type thing.
5.Watermelon and lime sorbet: this will knock your socks off with idyllic summer dreaming. To me, this sorbet epitomizes the sensational flavors of the season.

Check out the sidebar under "icecream/sorbets" for more ideas: ice cream sandwich cake (o.m.g.g.- oi moi goodness good), lemon sorbet, chocolate sorbet, etc.

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