Friday, January 13, 2012

Garden Chowder

I sat sweating like an Olympic track athlete as the interview questions came pounding on me. "What is a roux"?... asked the Chef.

"Ahh.mmm..... fancy French talk for some concoction".. was my approximate reply.

I got a laugh from it. Or a sharp crusty... can't quite recall...

.. anyhow, later on the job in this wonderful restaurant, I learned what it was and would see Chef make roux many times to create a host of soups and sauces. Ever since then I have been a believer in roux. It makes everything better, because essentially, it's butter and flour, and then liquid added to make a creamy and rich liquid, serving as the base to many a things. And in that, I would run a campaign with Paula Deen on why butter makes life better.

This deliciously addicting and partially healthy (hoorray!) soup, has a roux base to it and then gains even more richness from the evaporated milk and later-added cheese. It's so flavorful- the whole thing, you'll eat at least two bowls in the first sitting. These colder winter months and shorter sunshiny days really beg for something comforting to eat and lemme be the first to inform you, that this is perfectly winter appropriate.

My cousin recommended this recipe to me some time ago, and then I've seen it in a few cookbooks recently.
I can see why now.

A favorite soup. Definitely.

It goes something like this:

Garden Chowder

3 TBSP butter (yes, the real deal stuff)
1 onion

2 zucchini

3 large carrots

¼ cup freshly cut basil

¼ cup freshly cut Italian parsley

1/3 cup flour

3 cups chicken stock

1 can evaporated milk

1-2 large handfuls of cheese ( I used an Italian shredded mix, but use whatever you wish)

1 cup white corn, thawed and drained

2 tomatoes, diced (remove the inner seeds)

1 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

In a large saucepan, sauté the onion, zucchini, carrots, and herbs in the 3 tbsp of butter until mostly tender. Add the flour and stir until everything is coated. Slowly add the chicken stock and bring to a boil- allow it to simmer and medium high heat for 20 ish minutes. Now add the evaporated milk, cheese, corn, tomatoes, and seasonings and allow to cook through for 10 minutes or so, stirring often.

Serve warm. Bon Appetit!


Kristine said...

garden chowder! i like that name. and it looks delish!!

J said...

So...ehm...tried the brownies. Turned out delicious. Now it's on to the Garden chowder. Will give you a report. :)